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ASPI case studies on defence monographs

Robert has received three commissions from the Australian Strategic Policy Institute for 30,000-word Case Studies into the procurement of major defence materiel – The Rearming of the ANZAC Frigates, 2017; Air Warfare Destroyer – The Game-Changer, 2018; and The Hornet-Super Hornet-Growler saga, 2021.

ASPI Director Peter Jennings:
“Robert’s monographs bring out the human drama and dilemmas of decision making in what is a multi-million-dollar, high-stakes business to equip the Australian Defence Force. Our aim, which he delivers on superbly, is to present a balanced, “warts and all” account of the challenges involved in getting these decisions right. Robert shows how politics (both big and little p), technology, budgeting and the fallibility of human decision-making all intersect to make the defence capability development and acquisition business one of the most demanding of all public sector tasks.”


What I liked best was the tone – the quality of mind, the warmth and good humour.

David Malouf

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