The Jesus Delusion

It is the single most terrible and frightening cry in the history of man. It is the final despair. It is the sudden, awful realisation as the lifeblood departs that there is nothing to take its place, that it has all been for nought…
What is the true story of the figure who stands at the centre of the Christian faith? Was he a god in human guise, as the established Church would have us believe, or was he a man with a singular obsession, one which he believed would transform the world as he knew it and establish Heaven and earth?
The Jesus Delusion will shatter old myths and provoke new debate on the most controversial figure in history. In a dispassionate, forensic approach to the evidence, Robert Macklin cuts through the distorted and dishonest picture of Jesus which has emerged over the centuries with the passive compliance and active connivance of the Church.
The Jesus Delusion calls into question attitudes and beliefs which for centuries the Western world has taken for granted, and challenges fundamental ‘truths’ about the founder of Christianity and his failed mission of salvation.

Publisher: BWM Books Pty Ltd (1 July 2011)
Language : English
Number Of Pages: 226
ISBN-10 : 0987600664
ISBN-13 : 978-0987600660


Robert Macklin digs into the texts to come up with a complex, indignant and physically unattractive human being who will disturb today’s Fundamentalists almost as much as Jesus upset his fellow Rabbis.

– Phillip Adams