Dark Paradise – Norfolk Island – Isolation, Savagery, Mystery and Murder


 Norfolk Island 

Isolation, Savagery, Mystery and Murder

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From convicts to mutineers to modern scandals, Robert Macklin taps the history of Norfolk Island.

Robert Macklin has successfully woven together the stories of the early settlement of New South Wales, the history of the penal colony on Norfolk Island and later developments there, and the saga of the Bounty mutineers. This is rich material tapped by other writers like Robert Hughes (The Fatal Shore), Caroline Alexander (The Bounty) and Trevor Lummis (Life and Death in Eden), but in bringing these narratives together Macklin has shone new light on each.
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Publisher : Hachette Australia; 29th November 2016
Language : English
Number Of Pages: 352
ISBN: 9780733637377
ISBN-10: 073363737X


A fascinating read