SAS Sniper

“In SAS Sniper, Rob Maylor takes us inside the closed world of the Australian Special Forces – it’s tough to get in, but the fighting that follows is even tougher
Royal Marine…SAS marksman…Elite soldier
Rob Maylor has seen action in the world’s most dangerous combat zones. From East Timor and Iraq to Afghanistan he has been places where no-one else wants to go.
He was there when a Black Hawk helicopter crashed, drowning two of his mates. He was there at Australia’s biggest battle in Afghanistan when a Taliban ambush left him shockingly wounded. He has walked for hours, sometimes days, through hostile country until he has found the right position, sometimes more than a kilometer away from his target, then when the moment is right he aims, and with absolute precision, puts the bullet just where it going to have the most effect…”

Publisher : Hachette Australia; 26th July 2016
Language : English
Number Of Pages: 352
ISBN: 9780733636967
ISBN-10: 0733636969


an honest, insider’s account of the dark arts of sniping and special forces.

– Herald Sun