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Oct 30, 2012 12 Comments ›› admin


I am writing this Open Letter because I know from experience that you would ignore any private appeal, however well intentioned, that did not pander your perception as the rightful Prime Minister of Australia.   

My earnest and heartfelt plea is this: For the sake of the nation, the government and yourself, abandon the delusion that has claimed and tortured you since you were deposed in June, 2010. Expunge it from your mind. Apply that gift you told me so proudly that you had inherited from your mother: ‘the forgettery’.

Remember that? We were sitting across from each other on those well worn couches in the sunroom of your Norman Park home during the first, long interview for my book, Kevin Rudd: The Biography. I asked whether you’d been embittered by the aftermath of your father’s death when you spent a homeless night or two in the car.

You waved it away. You said you shared your mother’s capacity ‘not to take things too personally’. Kevin, it wasn’t true then and it isn’t true now. But the fact is your personal feelings don’t matter beside the great national issues you are jeopardising with your relentless agitation for a return to the top job.

You think because you are popular now that you could retain the people’s good graces back in the Lodge. It isn’t true. You are popular because you’re no longer being tested on the front line. You talk a great game, Kevin but that’s not what governing is about. That’s what Julia does – with great aplomb – in the most difficult parliamentary environment since the last minority government seventy years ago. Back in the Lodge your popularity would evaporate overnight, just like it did when you squibbed ‘the greatest moral challenge of our time’.

Your current destabilising tactics might have been justified when Labor was in the doldrums with the PM unable to make that vital emotional connection with the electorate. But those days are passed. The people have shared her grief and are now listening to her. Moreover they are beginning to like what they hear and see – genuine compassionate Labor leadership with a record of legislative achievement.

Tony Abbott (who had you on the run) is now wounded. He is eminently beatable. The only major impediment to an election win and the continuation of the government’s excellent and well regarded policies (many of which you initiated) is your sense of entitlement.

Kevin, the time has come to stop the agitation from your handful of malcontents and acknowledge that Julia Gillard has your complete and undivided support. If you were to declare publicly that in Julia Australia has found a true and effective leader – and if you were to take that message to every electorate you campaign in – you would have the power to throw the Opposition into total confusion and virtually guarantee Labor’s return. So the question is this: are you really enough of your mother’s son to forget? And are you really Christian enough to forgive?

You might recall that when you have suffered the several blows of  fortune these last few years, my private message to you each time has  been, ‘The best is yet to come.’

Kevin, this is the way – the only way – can you make it so.




  1. Rob says:


    I don’t know much about you. Probably you are who you say.
    But…this time, with this step you make, I am not happy with what you are doing.
    You are a authorised biographer of Kevin Rudd, right? Why you don’t speak to him in person?! Why you make public a step which doesn’t help in reality?! I think, you know better than me how strong is the anti-Kevin group around there. Do you believe that they can forget!? I can’t.
    Now I think, I know better you as well!…

  2. Virginia says:

    Are you unhinged? Mancrush on Ms Gillard? What a sycophantic peon you are. You should give the money back you got from writing the book on Rudd whom you now betray with your whining and grovelling letter. Yuk.

  3. Trump says:

    The entire Australian population has been held to ramsom by an unworth PM and you want Rudd to assist het to continue ? Sorry you’re way out of line.

  4. Brendan says:

    This seems a bit petty.

    I agree that it would be great if Rudd did as you request, but do you really think calling him a hypocrite and challenging his Christianity will do anything other than put Rudd off side and get yourself more blog hits…. oh, I get it.

  5. […] Rudd, to cease agitating for the leadership of the Labor Party. You can read Macklin’s letter here, but I wouldn’t really recommend it. Macklin’s appeal involves a fair bit of odd logic. For one […]

  6. Jim says:

    “…the continuation of the government’s excellent and well regarded policies…” What are you, some kind of psycho?

  7. Max says:

    Spot on Rob! Despite some of the responses above.

  8. Rob says:

    Thanks for writing this Robert as it expresses much of what I feel. As a father of a profoundly autistic child I am hoping that the Gillard Government will be returned so that my son can have some chance of a life courtesy of to the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Every time there seems some chance of the polls turning in Labor’s favour, Kevin or another Kevin’s stable of self-centred sabateurs (Tanner, McKew, etc.) chirp up to try to tear Gillard down again…which will give us Abbott and no NDIS. If wealthy retirees like Tanner and McKew must publish their unreliable memoirs about Gillard why can’t they at least have sufficient consideration for people like me–who are desperate for some of Labor’s reform–to publish their self-serving accounts after the next election. Did they become Labor politicians for their own vanity or to get Labor reforms done I wonder?

  9. rural woman says:

    It seems the usual commentators dismiss the likelihood of another Rudd leadership challenge,and many of them are now agog with the idea of an autumn election. So Macklin’s plea looks misstimed. Perhaps it is “payback” for the so-called Dear Julia letter by M Grattan as Rudd’s Feb challenge drew near. I thought that effort was a disgrace : also Fran of the ABC brekky show who seriously suggested that Gillard should step aside for the good of the party. I hope the ALP resists the termptation of going early – not good for the country as it would put the half Senate out of sync with the Reps election.

    I’ve just read Speechless by James Button – a great read – even more for its emotional honesty than for its important insights on Rudd and the Canberra scene.

  10. Julie Page says:

    Robert, I voted for Kevin and respected his revolutionary leadership you are a nonentity who are joining a rat pack ravaging a great Australian. Whats in it for you? Who are you anyway?- parleying a job as official (backstabbing) biographer into a moments more attention. Gillard is a mediocre lowbrow, and your self serving waffle shows you are of the same ilk. Get your own life and get of Kevin’s back. -Not that I expect this to be published here- have a feeling you will take critique less kindly than your erstwhile subject!

  11. Arnold Johannsen says:

    Robert Macklin,

    You may well be able to pen a biography, but your aguments are way off-line.

    You claim that the only impediment to Labor’s return to government is Kevin Rudd’s agitation and destabilising moves, well Robert, I think that you need to open your eyes because Julia Gillard is not going to win, even with the help of Kevin.

    Kevin could win but even that would be dependent upon Julia’s removal.

    Wake up to yourself Robert.

    Arnold Johannsen.

  12. Arnold Johannsen says:


    You should be ashamed of yourself. Worms dive under the sod when exposed to the light of day, just as you appear to do when someone calls into question, the veracity of your statements and is critical of your adverse assessment of some person; In this case, your attack on Kevin Rudd.

    Is it your intention of deleting this post as well?

    Are you so weak a journalist that you are unable to counter a simple argument by a reader?

    You have no credibility Robert Macklin.

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