The Battle of Brisbane: Australia and the Yanks at War

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They are in their mid-30s – two good blokes – and they had hit off before me. They were heading down the first at Duntroon. I hurried to catch up. As I reached them, the taller one (Ben) was talking and I just caught the end of his sentence.
          ‘Green poo!’ he said.
          ‘Yeah,’ I puffed as I reached them. ‘How about those Raiders.’
          They gave me a funny look. The older one (Rob) said, ‘Don’t tell me about it. It’s gone on for a couple of weeks at least.’
          ‘Years!’ I said. ‘After the Mal Maninga and Laurie Daly era it’s all been down hill…’
          Ben interrupted. ‘It’s all to do with the milk.’
          ‘Really?’ I said. ‘Is Canberra Milk still the sponsor?’
          My ball had faded a little to the right so I had to leave them at that point. I wandered off into the rough to find it. ‘Not sure I’d blame the sponsor,’ I thought. But still, my playing partners were a different generation. They followed the footy and the Formula One racing much closer than I did.
They have both recently become fathers of lovely little baby girls. But that doesn’t bother us. On the golf course the differences in the generations just fades away…a bit like my drives.
          My second shot was a beauty and we joined up again on the first green.
‘…really pumped,’ Ben was saying.
‘Yeah, me too,’ I said. ‘I hit the new rescue club. Didn’t have much room between those trees…’
Again, they ignored me.
‘Don’t tell me about it,’ said Rob.
‘Well, if that’s the way you feel about it,’ I thought, and quietly put away a 20-foot putt.
‘But it’s important to stick with it,’ Rob said.
‘You bet,’ I said. ‘If Webber had let all those failures get to him, he wouldn’t be racking up the points these days with Red Bull.’
‘It’s fuel,’ said Ben.
Really? I headed over to the second tee while they finished off their putts. I had thought all the F1 teams used the same mix. Apparently not. Ben had the formula down pat. I could hear him coming up behind me. ‘There’s triglycerides of palmitic and oleic acid,’ he said ‘There’s quite a large quantity of lipids such as vaccenic acid and conjugated linoleic acid…’
Fancy that, I thought as I lined up my 8 Iron for the par 3 second.
‘…creatine, amino acids and nucleotides…’
I addressed the ball then swung though, clipping it neatly and keeping my head down as it rose to its full height then flopped on to the green a metre from the pin.
‘Beautiful,’ said Rob.
‘Thanks,’ I replied (modestly).
‘…it’s the perfect natural formula,’ he said.
‘Yep, the old magic’s still there…’
 But he wasn’t listening. ‘…some of the nucleotides have acrophases during the night,’ he said, ‘others during the day.’
‘Yes, I think I read that somewhere,’ said Ben. He turned to me. ‘Have you had your shot yet, Dad?’
It’s good to get out on the course with the boys once a week. They keep me up to date with the latest in the sporting arena.

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