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Regular readers will recall that a few months ago I complained about Canberra’s rude and unhelpful Chemist shop assistants. At the time it became something of a talking point and I received lots of rude and unhelpful emails.
          So it’s only fair that I should report the remarkable change that has taken place – at least at those pharmacies that I regularly frequent. These days, I find, the assistants are without exception polite, pleasant and extraordinarily attentive.
          This is no accident. As it happened, a new player arrived in town shortly after the article appeared in CityNews. They came, I believe, from Wagga Wagga and bought perhaps three pharmacies.
          One of the owners contacted me and was kind enough to ask me to meet with him and expand a little on my experiences. I was happy to do so. ‘Okay,’ he said, ‘You’re really not telling me anything new. We have noticed the same thing ourselves. And we’re going to fix it.’
          He has been as good as his word. Some of the assistants might have been retrained but most have moved on and their place has been taken by the aforementioned pleasant young ladies with ready smiles and helpful manners.
          So, I dips me lid. Nice one, sir. The Cooleman Court outlet in particular is a joy.
          However, the question arises: where did the rejects go?
          I think I have the answer. I reckon they were picked up immediately by the banks and given jobs in their loans departments.
Some of them are posing as men and they have gone straight to managerial positions. Others have clustered together in covens – especially in Woden – and taken over the entire department. And there they wait like spiders luring customers into their nets.
Once entangled you can struggle all you like. They watch and wait. One will zip in from time to time and take a drink of your lifeblood in the form of an interest payment; then she will go on holiday and another almost identical one will take her place.
The new one will have not the faintest idea of anything that has passed between yourself and her predecessor. So from Net Central you tell the story of your new venture – and the loan that has already been agreed in principle – for the fourteenth time. She nods and smiles and exposes her dripping fangs.
And all the while absolutely nothing happens. The documents are in Adelaide; her predecessor didn’t leave any note when she went to Bali for a month; the fault is never hers. In fact, you’re the problem because you just want something – anything – to occur.
           If you get angry she says, ‘Please lower your voice, sir. They can hear you in Civic.’
          ‘Civic,’ you cry, ‘I wish they could hear me in Adelaide!’
          ‘Would you like to speak to the manager?’
          ‘You bet.’
          But of course the manager is one of them.
          I get so upset I come out in hives. Luckily, when I go to the Chemist shop for my calamine lotion there’s a very nice young lady awaiting.

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