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The Other Rudd – Greg

Jul 17, 2012 No Comments ›› admin

Greg Rudd’s decision to run for the Senate in Queensland as an Independent is a real show stopper. And lest it be thought that it’s some Machiavellian manoeuvre by Kevin, let me assure you it ain’t so. The two men have not spoken for months. Greg did not tell his younger brother before the announcement; ...Continue Reading

One False Move

One False Move

Jul 12, 2012 4 Comments ›› admin

  'I held my breath. I endeavoured to moisten my lips with the piece of blotting paper that had been my tongue. Never have I known two minutes to take such a long time to pass.' One False Move is the previously untold story of a small band of Australians who volunteered to work defusing the mines ...Continue Reading

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