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The Jesus Delusion – the sad truth revealed

The Jesus Delusion – the sad truth revealed

Dec 24, 2011 1 Comment ›› admin

As we approach Easter and the traditional celebration of the birth of Jesus, a new book reveals for the first time the human figure behind the supernatural myth. Award-wining historian and biographer Robert Macklin returns to the original sources to cut through the distorted and dishonest picture of Jesus created and promoted by the Christian ...Continue Reading

Ah, coincidence

Dec 24, 2011 No Comments ›› admin

Ah, coincidence, from Dickens to Didion it is the meat and drink of the writer's art. Even readers know that. But what they do not know, and we do, is just how big a role it plays before we begin to write the story. It matters not at all whether our specialty is fiction, memoir, non-fiction ...Continue Reading

American Shoots Australian Soldier – Aussies Fight Back

Dec 24, 2011 No Comments ›› admin

Seventy years ago this month American forces arrived in Australia to help repel the imminent Japanese invasion – and one year later they were fighting each other on the streets of Brisbane.One Australian soldier was killed, others wounded. At least a dozen Americans were injured when the Aussies retaliated. Australian authors Peter Thompson and Robert Macklin ...Continue Reading

Tinnitus – The Hidden Scream

Nov 24, 2011 No Comments ›› admin

By Robert Macklin I call it ‘the hidden scream’. The correct medical term is Tinnitus and it is affecting an increasing number of Australians of all ages. Indeed, the latest figures suggest that victims are getting younger. And with the population ageing I have been a sufferer for about seven years; it’s getting worse with each passing ...Continue Reading

Are viewers of kiddie porn paedophiles?

Jul 24, 2011 3 Comments ›› admin

The arrest of Collectors host Andy Muirhead brings into focus an issue that has troubled me for some time: the law that makes it illegal to watch something – anything – on your home computer.           Paedophilia is of course detestable. All those attacked are scarred for life. And what makes it even more terrible is ...Continue Reading